Tax Extension Deadline Approaching – We can help!

There are many reasons for filing an extension for your tax return.

  • Maybe you were waiting for more documents.
  • Maybe your employer made a mistake and had to correct your W-2.
  • Maybe you received a 1099 and weren’t sure how to handle it.
  • Maybe you started a new business and were overwhelmed.
  • Maybe you just waited too long.
  • Maybe life happened.

There are almost as many reasons as there are people who filed an extension.
The IRS gave you six extra months. Half of an entire year. Extra. As in more than everyone else.  “Plenty of time,” you thought, “I have plenty of time. No need to worry or stress about it.”

Guess what?  Time to worry about it.  Or, better yet, don’t worry, let us help.

Now you have only a few more weeks. It is time to stop waiting and start filing. If you weren’t ready to file in April because you had questions, it is unlikely those answers fell from the sky but we can help you find those answers.
The tax code can be a pretty complicated thing and you can easily end up paying more than you need to, especially if you are confused and just throw up your hands and type things into a computer program. This can lead to paying too much or even get you in trouble with the IRS.
Let KMS Tax Prep help you out! We love 1099s, small businesses (especially new ones), and Firefighters, Police Officers and Medical Professionals have a special place in our heart.

There is no time to waste, contact us today to get your 2016 taxes prepared and filed before it is too late.  You filed the extension, let us face the headache of filing your taxes.  Seriously, we love this stuff.  Drop your contact info below and we can begin the process and solve your tax puzzle!