KMS Tax Preparation doesn’t just honor First Responders, we are part of the public safety family.
Kim Schorr has been preparing Firefighter tax returns for over 15 years and has successfully guided her own family towards a healthy tax plan ever since. Filing your taxes is complicated for firefighter, Paramedics and Law Enforcement not only because of our schedules and assignments, but there are special rules for you in the tax code.

KMS knows what those are.

KMS will not only make sure you see a maximum benefit from those rules but will also guide you towards a better next year ensuring you know the rules BEFORE heading out for training, buying another firearm or getting that new helmet.
Is it deductible? The easy answer – It depends.

That’s where having a tax preparer who knows the three disciplines, who lives in one of them, is a huge benefit.

Everyone in the Firehouse, Briefing Room and Ambulance Bay knows “a guy” who seems to always find a refund in your pile of expenses. Ask yourself though…
Is “that guy” familiar with your discipline?
Are they a Registered Tax Preparer?
Are they IRS eFile Qualified?
Are they bonded?
What experience do they have?

With KMS Tax Prep in your lineup you have the piece of mind of knowing exactly who is preparing your returns and what you need to do to make next year even more successful.

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