KMS Tax Preparation – Preparing to help you prepare

They say that nothing in life is for sure except death and taxes. They also never mention that preparing your taxes will be straight forward and easy. The tax code is complicated and you need make sure you can navigate it successfully. No one wants the IRS knocking on their door 5 years later with penalties and fees…with interest.

Here at KMS Tax Prep we’re gearing up to help you navigate the complex world of income tax and family tax filing. Whether you’re filing a 1040 or need to gather receipts from multiple jobs and businesses, KMS Tax Prep can help.

Offering a variety of services allows KMS to focus on your entire tax situation, not just your return for last year.

Here are a few of the services we are about to provide:

Income Tax Check-Up
Our Registered Income Tax Preparer will review your most recent return and assure it’s accuracy based on your unique situation. Some guided questions and our check list will help make sure that all deductions are appropriate and that you know your tax liabilities.

Income Tax Tune-Up
To err is human. That tax software was great ads and asks good questions, but it can’t talk to you face to face and offer solid advice regarding your previous income tax filing. Our tune-up service dispatches a Registered Tax Preparer to address your last return and refile. Yes, you can in some cases go back and make things right! It can be tricky and you need someone with you who knows how.

Federal and State Tax Preparation and Filing
KMS Tax Prep takes pride in he personal, family touches we add to your tax experience. After a basic consultation we’ll make sure you know exactly what documentation to securely upload directly to us for review. Additional questionnaires and follow ups will ensure that your unique situation is addressed to the extent of tax law. As an IRS Efile Authorized service, we can prepare and file your taxes for you.

Tax Guidance
While most people see a tax refund as a blessing, it really is just an interest free loan you gave to Uncle Sam. KMS can anticipate your needs in the coming year and offer steps to take to ensure your tax liability balances as close to zero as possible, meaning you paid exactly what you were supposed to over the year. This could be changing withholdings with your employer, delaying a house project that could result in a deduction and knowing what to do if an addition to your family is in the works.

So if you’ve been dodging Uncle Sam, afraid of a foreclosure, divorce or past tax penalty, call for backup and get KMS Tax Prep working on your personal income tax sooner rather than later.
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