It’s almost tax season! Get ready early!

I’m gearing up for the start of the tax season. While you get worried, I get excited!

I’m dusting off my calculator, sharpening my pencils, and moving into my new office. You probably aren’t as excited about taxes as I am, but there is some preparation you should be doing for tax time.
While W-2s and 1099s won’t be coming in the mail until the end of the month, there are many documents you can gather now.

Grab your property tax records, charitable donation receipts, and unreimbursed employee expenses, then you can add in your other tax forms as they arrive. Try to have an idea of what forms to expect so you can track down any missing forms in a timely manner.
My returning clients will soon be receiving a checklist of expected documents based on last year’s return. New clients can receive a free checklist of common forms to look for. Having all forms at the beginning of the tax preparation process will ensure your best possible outcome in the least amount of time.
If you are completely self-employed, there is no need to wait for W2s, you already have all the information you need. Gather your income and expense details and let’s get started!
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The earlier you’re ready the better chance you’ll qualify for our Early Bird specials and qualify for our referral program…heck…your return COULD BE FREE!  Call or email today to find out details!

Happy Tax Season!

No, really, that’s a thing for us tax preparers.