Income Tax Extension Time

No one wants to do their taxes (OK, I want to do your taxes, but follow my logic here).  We make excuses, maybe life gets in the way and your income tax preparation falls by the wayside.  Work gets busy, kids’ activities are ramping up as the weather warms and suddenly you look at the pile of tax documents and receipts and notice March is gone and April has arrived.


Tax time.


If you’ve already filed, that’s great news!  Are you sure you got all the benefits of the new tax laws?

If you haven’t filed, take a deep breath, KMS Tax Prep can help.

Don’t go running down to the little green box storefront and wait in line to rush through your return with some stranger who needs to get folks in and out as fast as possible, go with a pro.


You can file an extension with KMS between now and Tax Day, April 15th. That means that for 50 bucks your tax panic subsides and then, later, we’ll apply that $50 towards your whole income tax filing. See?  FREE.


Don’t let the stress of the 15th hit you any harder than it has to.  Let us do all the work for now and get things settled when we can do it right.  No point rushing to solve a puzzle until we have all the pieces, right?

Make a phone appointment today to discuss your options and obligations and get a fair, honest quote from a CTEC Registered Tax Professional.

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