Family Oriented

Join the KMS Family, don't get caught in a cubicle with a stranger.  Our personal service and attention to detail ensure you have a positive tax preparation experience.  Don't take a chance, contact KMS Tax Prep.

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File Fed and State Taxes

1040, Schedule A, Schedule C - we can handle your situation and know the unique challenges associated with it.  CTEC Registered Tax Preparer, IRS eFile Approved, and Bonded, we know how to do it right.

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Guidance & Support

Your service doesn't end when the filing is done!  We'll tell you what to do in the coming year to ensure maximum benefits next April.  Adding to the family? Buying a house? New job? We'll tell how how to prepare.

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Since 1993

Taking the headaches out of Tax Preparation

You work hard.  Then Uncle Sam wants to come and take a bite of your check.  How can you know if the bite was the right size?  We all want roads, Police, Fire Departments, an Army and all that other stuff taxes go towards, but how do you know what's your fair share?

And with the constant changes, political wrangling and rumors, how can the little box of software know your exact situation?  It can't.

Your uncle's roommate knows a good tax guy who guarantees a refund?  Without meeting you?

We all know someone who has "a guy" when tax time comes around, but what is their background?  Their experience?

Are they Registered to prepare taxes in your State?  Did you know that was even a thing?

Spending over 20 years preparing taxes for a Firefighter and Paramedic, a complicated field tax speaking, KMS Founder Kim Schorr has not only learned the most common deductions and liabilities but has also seen folks completing their own taxes who miss out. Even worse, sometimes they mis-understand tax code and get themselves into hot water.


You can buy some software online but it won't know about your specific situation, ask the right questions about where your family has been and is going, and won't be able to solve that puzzle the best way possible.  KMS can!

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Get Started...

Get started today, no reason to wait for tax season.  Don't worry about finding receipts or uploading documents just yet.  We have free download checklists here on the site!  A simple conversation is all you need to get the ball rolling.  The earlier we learn your situation the better off you'll be come tax time.