Free* Income Tax Extension Filing

Last-Minute Special!!  Well, almost last minute.
It is not too late to file for an extension on your income tax filing.  But it almost is.  If you’re not ready to file and need an extension, we can help.  Better than that, we’ll do it for free when we help you complete your tax puzzle during the extension period.

Yes, you read that right.

KMS Tax Prep will e-file your Federal (and State, if applicable, we can prepare taxes for all 50 states remember) income tax extension request for $50. “But you said it was FREE!”

Keep reading…

This cost will be applied to the fee for preparing and filing your actual return later in the year. So there is no extra charge for the extension filing.  You pay $50 now, you get the $50 back when you use KMS to prepare and file your extended return.  Let me do the math here…50-50. Yup!

Stop stressing and worrying about getting your taxes done by Tuesday. Have me file your extension now!
This is a limited-time offer. Required information and payment must be received by Noon (Pacific time) on Monday, April 16th to be eligible. Contact KMS now, don’t wait!  If we don’t get you signed up by noon Pacific time on Monday we won’t be able to file your extension before the Tuesday night deadline!

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