Cryptocurrency and the IRS – What You Need to Know

Yes, your cryptocurrency can be taxed. What, you thought that somehow the Internal Revenue Service wouldn’t want a piece of it? Of course they do! The IRS have even fought Coinbase and won, meaning Coinbase is turning over transaction information on some of its users to the IRS.


No, seriously.

And while you may not be included in that small percentage of Coinbase users that are being reported to the IRS, that is not a reason to ignore the tax implications of your cryptocurrency dealings.

Here are some reasons it is good to tell the IRS about your crypto:

  1. They will find out about it eventually, get out in front of it.
  2. Declare basis now.
  3. Income may open up other tax savings – Roth IRA, business expenses, social security too many to mention.

The important thing to do is to get everything above board with your tax professional as early as possible.  Some of your gains could be eaten up by fees and penalties in the future if you wait.


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