Book Your Tax Appointment Now!

It’s time to schedule your tax appointment.  Did it sneak up on you? Don’t panic, it’s less painful than the dentist and you might even head home with more money than when you made the appointment.  Does your dentist do that?

A tax appointment with Kim Schorr is painless!

This year KMS Tax Preparation has expanded into a temporary office space conveniently located in Concord near both the 242 and 680 freeways. I will be in this office most Mondays, Tuesdays, and Fridays starting February 4th. It’s temporary because we don’t need it all year, just so we have a safe, comfortable place to meet to discuss your taxes this time of year.

We could charge you more to have an office all year, but why?

Not local?  No problem! KMS can file in all 50 states and is IRS efile Authorized.  Secure encrypted upload makes sure your documents remain private and safe.

Ready to book a date for a phone call or in person appointment? No more going back and forth by email to find the best day and time for both of us. Now you can make the appointment that is most convenient for you using our online scheduling app. Choose your date and time HERE!

The sooner you make your appointments, the more likely the time you really want will be available, so don’t delay. You can even sign up for both your document drop off and final review appointments today, just be sure to allow at least one week in between for preparation of your return.

If you do not find a day and time that works for you and your family, please contact me and we will figure out another solution that works.