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Kim Schorr loves doing taxes.  It's true.  After preparing some complicated returns over the years she decided to reach out and help other families, especially those in the Public Safety community.  It can be difficult to find someone who is a good fit to share all this information with.  While most people cringe at tax codes, Kim digs deeper to make sure your liabilities and deductions are fair, legal and in your best interest.

The Very Definition of Small Business

A mother of 2 and wife of a veteran Firefighter, Kim loves completing taxes.  When she researched what it would take to start helping other families with their tax challenges they way she helped her own, there was no stopping her!

She earned her CTEC Registration and IRS eFile and became bonded. She later completed the rigorous IRS Enrolled Agent exams and is admitted to practice before the IRS.

The core of the operation is Kim's desire to see families take a deep breath and understand that their taxes don't have to be a stressful time.

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Kim Schorr

Owner and IRS Enrolled Agent

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